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Electric Breast Pump

Convenient Breastfeeding Solution

Pump and store breast milk anytime with the BelleMa Professional Double Electric Breast Pump™. Simple to use and lightweight, this double electric breast pump conveniently runs on AC power. The compact design is easy to carry around and produces a higher volume of milk. Flange fits most nipples and the closed system prevents milk from getting into the tubes. All pumps come with the following pieces:

Double Collection Kit | 12 Volt AC/DC Adapter | Silicone Insert | User Instruction Manual 

Helping Medi-Cal Moms Breastfeed 

Know your baby will have access to your milk at all times, whether you're at work or going back to school. Pumping on your time allows you to create a stock of breast milk for use by other caretakers and keep feeding consistent. If you have a Medi-Cal plan, take action today to make breastfeeding easier.